Jobs for doctors in the Emirates, Dubai.

Job offers for doctors in ZAE, Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Questions about job offers in the Emirates

FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers from our candidates.

1. Amount of remuneration.

The range is quite large and the salary does not close to only 10 000-20 000 euros per month (since the UAE is a tax and customs free zone, there is no European concept: gross - net - that is, the amount on the contract is the amount paid to the doctor). Height depends on qualifications, needs and of course negotiating skills!

Additional benefits are also important:



-flights to the country,


-and other employer benefits.

2. Language certificate

No language certificate required (knowledge of the language will be verified for this when issuing a work permit)

- This is important because the candidate must pass a test of communication skills in English (at B2 level) to obtain a work permit!

The agency helps to prepare for this review.

3. Professional qualifications.

Specialist title: First degree of specialization and 1-2 years of work (depending on the specialization).

Consultant title: First degree of specialization and 2 - 5 years of work (depending on the direction of specialization).

4. How long does the recruitment process take and, when does the candidate start work, after accepting?

You have to realistically count from three months to eight months to take care of all formalities: it usually depends on the degree of preparation of the candidate and the speed of the offices.

5.Who is the candidate's potential employer? Hospital or agency?

In any case: hospital! The agency organizes, helps and negotiates the contract, conditions etc. but the employer is the hospital.

6. What are the more or less monthly maintenance costs?

It is difficult to clearly define but let's assume a "social minimum" at the level of 1500 Euro per month. Of course there is no upper limit. In total, they are very similar to those in Europe.

7. What are the working standards? Is full time equivalent to a full-time job?

That's right: of course, please take into account the specificities of the region.

8. What is the hollydays  period and other employee / social benefits (vacation period) usually available?

Different depending on the employer and the "doctor's value" for a given hospital. The rule is: -41/48 hour work week

-30-31 days vacation

- Flights to the country of origin (1 or 2 a year)

-Apartment (or flat rate for an apartment). Insurance: civil liability and health insurance, sometimes a pension fund.

And other additional benefits depending on the employer

9. Do dentists (without specialization) also have a chance in Dubai?

A list of vacancies can be found in the>  Emirates tab job offers

How to make the first step to UAE?

Please write or call us. The data is in the footer of the page. Please enter your phone number (emails often go to spam). We will send our CV template to be completed and then, based on the data in the CV, we will provide you with all necessary information.
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